About Elizabeth Bodien

Elizabeth Bodien

Elizabeth Bodien, Kempton, Pennsylvania, USA, lives in the Ontelaunee River watershed near Hawk Mountain.

Her degrees, undergraduate and graduate, are in cultural anthropology, consciousness studies, religion, and poetry from the University of California (Berkeley), John F. Kennedy University, the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, and Western Colorado State University, USA.

She has worked as a teacher of English in Japan, organic farmer in the coastal mountains of Oregon, certified childbirth instructor in West Africa, calligrapher, graphic designer, and certified Montessori teacher.

No longer teaching at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, she has entered the world of poetry, rediscovering its music and mysteries.

Her poems have appeared in red lights, The Litchfield Review, Fledgling Rag, The Fourth River, Frogpond, Mad Poets Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal, Cimarron Review, qarrtsiluni, U.S.1 Worksheets, Parabola, and in Across the Long Bridge: An Anthology of Award Winning Poems, among other publications in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and India. She is working on a book of translations, a libretto, and a collection of her trance writings.

Sample Poems


for B.

At day’s end,
I come home
to find in the garden
a poem of wood.

A phrase slopes
down the roof line
singing the cadence
of late afternoon shade.

A stanza of structure,
the shed stands sturdy,
corners at square
snapped tight as nouns.

Window vowels open
wide under eaves.
From outside to inside
syntax breezes between.

Wood on wood, light on light,
doors open to hallowed space.
Your hands have moved
to make it so.


The warp, a blizzard of winter white gauze,
threaded through heddles, silver trees in a forest,
travels towards her, humming heavy of snow.

She presses the pedals, opens a space,
throws the shuttle down through the shed,
into the whispers between warp and weft

into the gap between treble and bass,
strains of what she wants not to remember,
what the weaving may let her forget.

The rhythm takes over, she sinks in deep,
swaying smooth with each line she throws,
blue songs of sorrow weaving into the white

the homespun growing with lengthening night.
Drawn to the fugue, a dusky night moth
disappears with the music into patterns of cloth.

Lumbering loom and sleepy weaver
slow the weaving, end the whirr.
But who keeps singing and weaving her?

Published in Mad Poets Review Fall 2010 and in Endpapers (Finishing Line Press 2011)




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