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Photo: Elaine Zelker, LLC

Elizabeth Bodien


Elizabeth Bodien’s poems, essays and book reviews have appeared in Cimarron Review, Crannog, and Parabola, among many other publications in the USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia and India. Her poetry collections include Blood, Metal, Fiber, Rock and Oblique Music: A Book of Hours. Bodien has appeared on television and radio and taught workshops on poetry and poetics. Among other things, she is currently working on a collection of her trance writings. She holds degrees in cultural anthropology, consciousness studies, religions, and poetry. She has worked as an instructor of English in Japan, an organic farmer in the mountains of Oregon, a childbirth instructor in West Africa, and as a professor of anthropology. She grew up in the “burned-over” district of western New York State but now lives near Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania.

Photo: Elaine Zelker, LLC

Bigger Pete: Conversations Between Life and Afterlife


Elizabeth Bodien appears on the Sunbury Press Books Show to discuss her relationship with her brother, which travels beyond the physical plane in “Bigger Pete: Conversations Between Life and Afterlife,” released on the Ars Metaphysica imprint. She talks of how her brother dealt with Down Syndrome and did not allow this to dictate his life. In his later years as his health failed, Elizabeth was able to communicate with Pete while he slept through a process known as “automatic writing.”

Sunbury Press 2023
ISBN: 978-1-62006-897-7

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Journeys With Fortune: A Tale of Other Lives


Journeys with Fortune: A Tale of Other Lives, a nonfiction book, is a true account of recorded past-life regressions that Elizabeth Bodien experienced and chronicled with notes, thoughts, and observations. Trained in cultural anthropology, Bodien was at first skeptical that past lives even existed, much less that exploring them could heal present-life troubles. However, the first time she was regressed, she immediately experienced a clear and complete life as Rita, a Mexican woman in the 1700s. There was a deeply emotional resonance for her in Rita’s life. She began to feel she could very well have been both Rita of eighteenth-century rural Mexico as well as any number of other people.

Cosmographia Books 2019
ISBN: 978-1-7322690-6-4

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